A History of Mint

In order to celebrate one of our newest products on the website, the brewer's choice subscription, we will focus today's blog on our Egyptian Mint Tea. 

Tea is the other favourite brew that we sell on our website, and it is hard to say no to a perfectly brewed cuppa, especially now that the cold season is starting.

We chose our Egyptian Mint tea as we know how popular it is among our customers and thought we'd talk about its history.

Mint is cultivated all around the world nowadays, however it was originally native to parts of Europe and the Middle East. All its properties were also widely used for medical purposes such as indigestion, toothaches and colds, and every country found more and more ways of making mint a big part of a healthy lifestyle.

It is associated rather often with Morocco, as mint tea seems to have become a tradition there. There are many stories about the tea making its way into the country. One of them says that it may have been introduced to locals in the 12th century by Phoenicians, and ever since then it became an important part of their lives. Moroccans drink the tea many times a days and it is a very important important part in social gatherings too. 

Our tea is called Egyptian Mint because the leaf is dating back to the pharaohs. Regardless of its place of origin and where it became more popular and well-known, it is a hearty caffeine-free delicious tea. It's refreshing, cooling and it has flavourful notes that leave no bitter aftertaste. Perfect for cleansing the palate and energising the body after a meal.


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