Single Origins Vs Blends

All of us coffee lovers have tried it in many forms until we found our favourite one. From latte and cappuccino to espresso. We can agree they taste differently in each form as milk makes coffee sweeter and it isn't 'everyone's cup of tea', to put it like this. 

Then you have coffee brewed in a French press, aeropress, filter moka pot or with an espresso machine, unless you like a traditionally made Turkish coffee. All of these methods bring out different flavours and even textures out of coffee.

Now moving on to the actual coffee, since this is the product that we choose for our preferred brew and brewing method. There are various blends and even flavoured coffees that people love, however connoisseurs argue that single origin coffees are the ones to go for.

When choosing a single origin coffee you choose a preferred country with its own farming methods for coffee that bring a unique taste to your coffee cup. The flavour profile, acidity, body and aroma are unique to that region, and once you find a personal favourite it is easy to create your favourite hot drink at home.

When you choose a blend you get a mixture of of origins and it may have a more balanced taste. It is not a one-size-fits-all, but it is easier to drink if you don't like a bold taste or aftertaste in particular. However, blends mix various beans with various profiles and they tend to be smooth and great for all brewing methods, due to the diversity of the beans. They are very popular in coffeeshops as their versatile nature can create a signature taste for a brand

Of course, there is no right or wrong when choosing coffee because we all have different preferences. In case you are ever in doubt, think of these characteristics and feel free to scroll through our website, as we have many single origins, and a few blends to try from :).

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