Is it a French Press?

We all know a very popular way of preparing our coffee is using the French Press. This little gadget has a history dating back in 1852 when it was first invented by Frenchmen Mayer and Delforge. The design back then lacked the seal inside that separates the coffee grounds from the water. However, 75 later the original was perfected by Italians Attilio Calimani and Giulio Moneta. The last design that resembles the one we know today was created by Faliero Bondanini in Switzerland 29 years later and it was very popular in France. Its initial name was 'Chambord', and it was later distributed by Bodum, a well-known Danish company that later on bought the rights.

The reason for its popularity and increase demand is because it creates a unique cup of coffee. The taste is stronger and the flavour in the beans is preserved better because this method allows the oils in the coffee to remain in the brew. The only downside for people who do not enjoy it is that it contains a few coffee particles that make their way through and make for a full-bodied cup. 


With that being said, you do get your cup's worth when you choose a French Press, and get to indulge in all the properties it has. After all, we are all seeking that boost of energy.

You don't need to be French, Italian nor Swiss to enjoy it, we guarantee it was made for everyone! We sell a few on our website and all our coffees can be bought as a cafetiere grind, which is made especially for French press :).

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