Iced Coffee-Simple, Refreshing and Effective

Given the last few days, we thought we would focus this week's blog on ice coffee in order to offer ideas on how to enjoy the coffee at all times, regardless of the weather!

The ice coffee was invented 65 years ago by a pure accident. When a Nestlé Switzerland representative went on a business trip in Greece he wanted to make himself a cup of coffee. He had instant coffee and thought to use cold water instead of hot water, to create a drink that goes well with the hot weather. He added sugar as well and made the first frappe-like drink. The adapted recipe was very successful and has been now for years. Some people prefer their frappes with blended ice, some prefer it with blended ice and ice cream for a sweeter taste. There is no right or wrong. Even though the frappe was originally prepared with instant coffee, it can most definitely be done with espresso as well. However, we recommend two shots to create a stronger drink and avoid a watery taste.

The alternative to frappe would be a simple ice coffee. For this you don't need to blend the coffee with ice, nor ice cream. Actually you don't need to blend it at all. The recipe is as simple as this:

-One shot of espresso (or 80 ml of any coffee you can brew at home and we recommend it to be on the stronger side)

-A handful of ice cubes

-150-200 ml of preferred milk

If you like your coffee sweet, you can sweeten it up before pouring it on ice so that the sugar can dissolve, or you can simply add sweetener and stir really well. Many people like it flavoured, so if you have some syrup at home, you might just turn this into a treat!

If you need 'an ice coffee kit', you can find your favourite coffee on our website and you can order a coffee syrup with the preferred flavour too! :)

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