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Yemen Coffee-The Beginning Of a Life-Long Habit

We all know coffee comes from various places, climates, temperatures and have different flavours. Yemen is actually the first country to cultivate coffee, thus offering us a life-long guilty pleasure that turned into a habit inevitably.

This is not all that is special about the Yemen coffee; the beans are grown at 2000-2500 meters above sea level. The higher the bean grows. the more aromatic, acidic and flavorsome it is. The natural notes of sugar are quite abundant as well, and it makes for an amazing cup of coffee for all tastes!

As the beans are grown at such a high altitude, there is an extra advantage. Pest is hardly found and that means there is no need to use pesticides, herbicides and so on. With the rainy climate, the beans are naturally hydrated, which means there is no need for hand-made fertilizers either. By choosing the Yemen Haraaz AA+ for example, you choose a natural, unique coffee bean with a history of quality behind it. 

We recommend that you drink this coffee as a grind for aeropress/cafetiere to be able to enjoy the taste at its fullest. Why not have it as an after-lunch treat?

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