Old Brown Java-A Delicious Commodity For All Of Us

Java is an island situated in the South-West of Indonesia. It is fascinating how it consists of 112 volcanoes, from which only 35 are active with rare eruptions. 

Java is a term that has been used to refer to coffee in general, even though it is meant to be used for coffee beans coming from the Island of Java. It also has a historic importance as the coffee exported from Java quickly became a worldwide commodity. 

Hailing from the remote island of Java, lying between Sumatra and Bali in Indonesia, comes Old Brown Java coffee.  A fascinating story, with it’s unique ageing process, which was discovered in the 16th century, back when the Dutch introduced the first coffee seeds to the area.  As the spice ships carried their cargo back to Europe, the raw beans would be stored away in the hold to act as ballast. After several months at sea, the result was a robust, full-bodied bean, tempered by the wood and the brine to produce an exceptional earthiness of flavour with a hint of sweetness.

With these in mind, it is safe to say a cup of Old Brown Java in the morning might be the perfect kick of caffeine to get your day started the right way. It is suitable for any brewing method that you prefer to use. Who knows? It might just be your next favourite coffee!

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