Here at Coffeelink, we are passionate coffee drinkers and mad about our 100% Arabica hand roasted coffees, consisting of over 27 single origins.

We are a privately owned family business, with a real passion for good quality coffee. So much so, we ensure our hand roasted single origin coffees are expertly slowly roasted to our own very precise and exacting standard, (or even our customer’s too)!

Since coffeelink was born our passion and mission has been very simple.

To share the joy of trying as many different origin coffees as possible. To learn about our customer's coffee palate on what ‘really’ good quality coffee should ‘truly’ taste like! We want everyone to be able to enjoy our coffee, whether it is for home, office or trade use!

Rebecca & Azzouz

Azzouz & Rebecca, head the Coffeelink team

It all started with a dream and a smile. Azzouz & Rebecca met on a sunny day in London over a cup of coffee back in 2003 and created Coffeelink then and there. Now with over 100 colleagues and thousands of customers contributing to Coffeelink in various ways, it is a great blend of people and coffees.

Coffeelink was officially born on the 25th of August 2005. It was a journey similar to the journey of coffee stretching all the way to Africa, just in Azzouz's case Morocco instead of Ethiopia.

Azzouz & Rebecca continue to dream what Coffeelink could be in the future. Taking pride in being ethical and environmentally conscious and will carry on working hard to build Coffeelink into a more beautiful company.

Our first Roast

Where we started

To think it all started in a little experimental roast with a handful of coffee beans, in our humble family kitchen way back in 2005. Since that time our passion for really good coffee has been instrumental in driving the Coffeelink brand though of course, not without a couple of near misses with our new Toper commercial gas roaster when we did our first ever roast!

  • 2005 Coffeelink - Speciality coffee roaster & retailer was born!
  • 2006 Opened first flagship coffee outlet on the Ipswich waterfront
  • 2009 Opened our new outlet at Ipswich Station!
  • 2009 Our first Tweet went out!
  • 2010 Opened our very busy unit at Stansted Airport
Fire Engine Hire

From then to now

Since then, with so many trials and tribulations during our coffee journey, we have come a long way and learned so much.

We have been proud to supply the East of England Co-operative stores, whilst also running eighteen of our own espresso bars and cafes and our little red fire engine ready to tag along to various events in and around Suffolk!

  • 2010 Launched opening of our Colchester store
  • 2010 Launched East of England Co-op cafe & instore
  • 2013 Opened our coffee outlet at Waltham Cross
  • 2014 Took delivery of our stunning little red fire engine
Our People

Care in sourcing

Taking this ethos of sustainability and ethical coffee sourcing further, it has been a pleasure to venture out on a few of our own ethical journeys, the most recent to have teamed up with a wonderful organisation, 'Partners for Change Ethiopia', to exclusively supply the stunning and fantastically earthy Ethiopian Wild Forest Coffee, in PFC’s fund raising efforts to empower Ethiopian communities to help themselves in order to rid child poverty.

  • 2013 We hit the 50 employees mark!
  • 2013 Started supporting Rain Forest Alliance & Fairtrade
  • 2014 Became an approved Iberital Distributor
Our Farmers

Meet Almancio

We are also proud to support farmers on a one to one basis. One of those farmers was called Almancio farming his coffee under the 121 Project, on his farm, El Romerrillo in the Jaen district.

  • 2014 Started supporting the Rural Coffee Caravan – A wonderful cause in helping to combat loneliness in rural Suffolk!
  • 2014 Exclusive importers of Zege Coffee with Partners For Change, Ethiopia
  • 2014 Start dealing directly with Peru on their 1-2-1 Project
  • 2015 Awarded Suffolk Carbon Charter Silver level for our green credentials.
Fire Engine Hire

We don't rest on our laurels

Over the last couple of years we have increased our festivals, opened more cafe's, ventured into new shops, rebranded, moved to new offices, carried on our ethical and charity commitments... deep breath... and continue to offer great accessible coffee that doesn't break the bank.

  • 2015 Our first attendance to the Suffolk Show!
  • 2015 Opened our East of England Co-operative Clacton outlet
  • 2016 We hit the employment of 100 employees!
  • 2016 ITFC – Partnered up to supply coffee
  • 2017 Moved to new premises in Ipswich with even bigger Roaster
  • 2017 Rebranded and launched our brand new website!