Yemen: ancient heritage revived.

In Haraaz Mountains, farmers and exporters are bringing new life to an old and globally acclaimed product.
The high altitude terrain is prone to draught , so farmers like @emdcoffee are constantly building small dams to preserve this delicate and valuable natural resource. These difficult conditions mean the yields are small but the Haraaz Coffee is acclaimed worldwide for its unique and diverse tones of Caramel, Chocolate, Spices and Vanilla with aromas of Lemon, Guava, Forest Berries and Apple 🍎.

It is commonly accepted that the ancient history of coffee cultivation and production belongs to Yemen. I have to say it is inspiring to see the farmers and exporters work through civil wars and a pandemic to maintain the quality and heritage of this amazing and precious commodity.
All Yemen coffees 🍒 are naturals meaning the coffee is dried in its husk without fermentation, then milled. While not certified as organic, Yemen coffee is grown as it has been for hundreds of years, without man-made fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. Yemen produces truly world class coffee.

Origin: Yemen
Region: Haraaz
Farmer: Al Emadi trading
Variety: Arabica
Process: Sun dried coffee or Natural
Roast: Medium
Altitude: 2000-2500 masl
Bold Taste:

Aroma: Dry intense fragrance with sugar sweetness
Flavour: Rich and intense lingering mouthfeel
Body: Full body with high viscosity
Acidity: Nicely balanced acidity
Score: 89
Tasting Notes:
Intense wine, berries with a sweet fragrance

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