Roasted beans or ground coffee?

When it comes to brewing the perfect cup of coffee, there are many variables that come into place, such as the soil, origin, climate and many more that are not in our control. However, choosing to buy green, roasted or ground coffee is. 

If you'd like to start roasting your coffee at home, check out this blog for a few tips and tricks. If you are torn between roasted beans or ground coffee, you should take into consideration a few factors such as: if you are in a rush in the morning and prefer something quick and convenient, or if you'd rather have as much flavour in your coffee cup as possible. 

Ground coffee still tastes amazing and packs the same properties, however it can lose its flavour much quicker than coffee beans. However, if ground coffee is your first choice, you can alternatively buy it in smaller packs such as sample or 227g bags to keep it as fresh as possible for longer.

If you are now thinking to switch to roasted beans, bear in mind how you'd like to brew your coffee and buy an adequate burr or mill grinder as it is very important to obtain an even grind that helps the extraction when brewing the coffee.

In order to make the most of your cup of coffee, we'd be happy to provide a few examples of the coffees we'd use for each brewing type:

Cafetiere: Yemen Haraaz Red AA++

Filter/pour over: Ethiopian Illubabor Forest Anaerobic Grade 1

Moka pot: Guji Grade 1 (with a hint of cinnamon)

Aeropress: Rwanda Lake Kivu

Espresso Machine: Colombia Supremo Noble

Turkish: Old Brown Java

As a summary, both ground coffee and coffee beans are fantastic options and because we know there is no one-size-fits-all we sell all of our coffees in all grinds, as roasted beans or as green beans.

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