Nous-nous translated means half-half. In Morocco coffee-drinking differs from other countries and the variety is kept short and simple. You can either have a cafe noir or a nous-nous, which in this case is a drink made of with equal parts coffee and steamed milk. It is similar to a shorter latte/cappuccino that you'd have in a coffee shops.

Every country has a different culture when it comes to drinking coffee. In Italy a coffee means an espresso for example, while in the UK it is customary to drink longer coffees and majority of them contain milk or milk alternatives. 

In Morocco people like to enjoy the coffee in the coffeeshop while chatting with their friends rather than having it in a take-away cup and on-the-go, while this is normal to happen in Western countries.

We have now introduced a new blend in our range called Nos-Nos, which is a variation of Nous-Nous, because we will add 40% robusta and 60% arabica beans. 

They have been carefully selected to create a blend perfect for a morning caffeine rush, that comes from the robusta beans that have a higher level of caffeine.

Now that you know where we got the inspiration from, maybe you'll try to use our Nos-Nos in a Nous-Nous and enjoy this Moroccan delight!

It is mostly prepared using an espresso, however any brewing method would be ok to use in order to prepare the beverage.



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