Premium Stainless Steel Knock Box (Drawer) for Coffee Grounds

Premium Stainless Steel Knock Box Drawer for Coffee Grounds:

  • Premium grade brushed stainless steel finish knock box.
  • Box construction - no rollers
  • Wrapped stainless steel, smooth finish with soft edges.
  • Knock bar housing is extremely secure with 6 fixings each side.
  • Knock box feet are fitted/fixed with screws not glued.
  • Silicon type compound knock bar for silent operation and long-life.
  • Ventilation holes mean no mouldy coffee pucks 
  • Seat your grinder on top of this knock box without the grinder tray. You can then simply sweep any loose coffee grounds through the holes and into the drawer.

Drawer: Dimensions:
Height:  106mm x width 258mm x depth 382mm
Weight: 4KG

Bar: 250mm x 34mm diameter