Hario GLASS Coffee Dripper V60 (Size 01) (Available in Black Red & White)

A firm favourite of coffee enthusiasts. Glass build helps retain heat whilst brewing, while ridges and large centre hole allow for even coffee extraction

Product features:

• Brand: Hario
• Range: V60
• Material: heat-resistant borosilicate glass
• Colour: black
• Size: 01
• Brews: 1-2 cups
• Filters: V60 paper filters, size 01 (not included)
• Filter lifespan: single use
• Also available: 02 (3-4 cups)
• Also available: red, white
• Also available: Replacement filter papers (bleached or unbleached, x40 or x100)

Hario Glass Coffee Dripper V60 (Size 01), available in red, black and white.  For use with Hario Filters, Size 01 for this product.