Hario Copper Coffee Filter V60 (s02)
Hario Copper Coffee Filter V60 (s02) Copper Coffee Filter V60 (02)

The best way to ensure even extraction from coffee grounds while drip brewing. The copper build of this dripper allows heat to be evenly transferred to the coffee grounds, meaning even tastier coffee is produced than with glass or ceramic alternatives

Product features:

• Brand: Hario
• Range: V60
• Material: copper
• Colour: copper
• Size: 02
• Brews: 3-4 cups
• Filters: V60 paper filters, size 02 (not included)
• Filter lifespan: single use
• Also available: Replacement filter papers (bleached or unbleached, x40 or x100)


                                            Pure Genius!

Historically, copper has been used for many years to conduct heat! So, the makers at Hario came up with the brilliant idea to incorporate copper in to their V60 range of drippers! 

Voila! or, as it should be said in Japanese! The result is the perfect cup of coffee, due to the marriage of the copper metal and high thermal conductivity, allowing the heat to transfer evenly through the coffee grounds to create that perfect brew and great cup of coffee!

It also looks absolutely stunning too! The perfect gift too!