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About the coffee

Our Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is one of our most favoured single origins and best sellers and is the selected coffee for our 'All Day' coffee.

About the growers

Yirgacheffe coffees are famous for their wet-processed type with effervescent brightness in the cup. As a sub-region of Sidamo, Yirgacheffe is quite a specific designation in its own right. Here we have an extraordinarily bright coffee, with soaring floral and citrus notes.  We almost recommend buying this just to enjoy the amazing aroma as a result of the aromatic grind, even if you do not like bright coffees, that is how intoxicating the aromatic it is!

Tasting notes

  • There are jasmine and honey aromatics, vivid citrus notes, dashes of cardamon and nutmeg spice, and a remarkable clarity and resolution of these flavours in the aftertaste. It's not for those unsure about bright, dynamic acidity in coffee. But if you like great Kenya's, and the punctuated and piquant highest-grown centrals then you might have the palate for this Yirgacheffe.

Grind type

Select the grind type to fit your way of making coffee. To learn more about the different processes visit our Brew Guides.