Kinto Cup and Saucer 300 ml (11 oz)
Kinto Cup and Saucer 300 ml (11 oz) Kinto Octagonal Cup and Saucer - (11 oz/300 ml) LARGE SIZE

With their unique octagon shape, these cups are designed to match Kinto 'OCT' brewers in cafes and homes. The handle looks sharp but is comfortable to hold, while the rim is thin, yet feels smooth on the mouth.

Also available in three sizes, or as a taller mug (without saucer)

Product features

• Brand: Kinto
• Range: Oct
• Material: porcelain
• Capacity: 11 Oz (Large size)
• Capacity: 300 ml
• Colour: black
• Cup dimensions: H: 65 x W: 130 x Dia: 100mm
• Saucer dimensions: H: 15 x Dia: 175mm
• Dishwasher safe
• Microwave safe
• Country of origin: Japan
• Also available: 80 ml (espresso size), (or mug without saucer)
• Also available: white