Hario V60 Misarashi Size 01 Paper Dripper Filters
Hario V60 Misarashi Size 01 Paper Dripper Filters Hario Filter Papers Misarashi Size 02 Pack of 100
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Do you appreciate a lovely cup of coffee with no paper taste? The V60 paper filters are specifically designed to support the V60 brewing method. So, if you like to prepare your coffee with V60 dripper then it is important to do it right with the zero paper taste Hario V60 filters.

V60 paper filters are V shaped to fit perfectly into the relating sized drippers. This allows greater air-flow during the extraction process of the coffee. These filters assist the V60 brewing method to produce crisp coffee that you will love. They are made of unbleached paper. The outcome is fine and outstanding cup of coffee.

Before adding the coffee to the dripper, always make the filter wet by pouring hot water on it. This will ensure that the coffee taste is paperless every time. Also, these filters are a slightly slower than the white versions so it is recommended to grind a little coarser than usual.

Size 02: (1-4 Cups) Unbleached - 100 Sheets:
  • 175mm Top Corner to Top Corner 
  • For use with Hario V60 Drippers, (Size 02)
  • Also suitable for Tiamo Filters

Size 01: (1-2 Cups) Unbleached - 100 sheets:

  • 145mm Top Corner to Top Corner