Signature Espresso Blend
Signature Espresso Blend Signature Espresso Blend Signature Espresso Blend Signature Espresso Blend Signature Espresso Blend Signature Espresso Blend Signature Espresso Blend Signature Espresso Blend Signature Espresso Blend
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Chocolate & Spice

About the coffee

We currently offer a seasonal and exclusive espresso blend. This blend consists of 40% Colombia Excelso, 30% Brazilian Fazenda Miaki Pulped Natural, 10% Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Washed, and 20% Indian Robusta. 

Our Signature Espresso Blend is a delicious custom built classic espresso blend. Creating a heavy and sweet profile espresso with a balance of flavour, acidity and aroma in mind. This new blend is great all by its diversity and complexity, but has enough flavour to handle even the milkiest drinks with chocolatey goodness. It is designed to satisfy the customer with a sweet palate.

Through multiple sampling, blending, roasting, tasting, and testing different origins we balanced the lively acidity of Ethiopian Varietals and the Chocolatey tones of Colombian coffees with a dash of Earthy Indonesian Sumatra. This classic espresso profile that results in deep and fruity African coffees and clean Latin American lots that provide huge body and ample sweetness. 

There is something special and unique about a perfectly pulled espresso shot. The crema, the intense flavour, not to mention the caffeine kick. Pure coffee joy. But even though it seems straightforward, there are actually quite a few hundred things we go through to get a really good blend. We start with the people we work with, we make sure they are good, honest people that can look after and deliver great coffee cherries.

We are very proud of our exacting standards when it coms to roasting our coffee, and we feel this really comes through in both taste and aroma. So our wonderful classic Coffeelink Espresso Blend is the perfect espresso any time of day. A delicious blend of coffees from across three continents. Once you taste our espresso blend, it will only leave you wanting more!


Region: South and Central America, Africa & Asia

Growing Altitude: 1300-2300 masl

Arabica Variety: Caturra, Typica, Bourbon, Heirloom Varietals

Milling Process:  Natural and Washed processed coffee

Aroma: Chocolatey with soft spice notes

Flavour: Smooth with a hint of chocolate

Body: Full bodied with chocolate after taste

Acidity: Light acidity


Grind type

 Select the grind type to fit your way of making coffee. To learn more about the different processes visit our Brew Guides

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