Brita Purity C500 Steam Cartridge

Brita Purity C500 Steam Cartridge:

Purity C Steam filter cartridges ensure combi ovens and steamers use the best quality water for baking fish, meats and vegetables. The filter cartridges remove unwanted metal ions including lead and copper, and reduce substances such as chlorine and limescale. This brings out the best tastes in steamed food by allowing the true flavours and aromas of the ingredients to shine through, and also means the fine steam jets can remain open for longer. This may result in fewer frustrating machine breakdowns and lower service & repair costs. 

Product features:
• Brand: Brita
• Range: Purity C Steam
• Performance: up to 4,675L 
• Operating position: horizontal or vertical
• Use with: combi steamers/ovens
• Includes exchange indicator
• Fully recyclable
• Also available: C1100 Steam