Mexican Terruno Nayarita Reserve
Mexican Terruno Nayarita Reserve Mexican Terruno Nayarita Reserve

About the coffee

We think this is the best coffee originating from Mexico and one of our firm best sellers.

Mexico is located between the United States of America, Guatemala and Belize, with coffee being produced in twelve states in the mountainous regions, mainly of the south-central and south-eastern parts of the country.  Mexico is uniquely placed for the growing conditions of the coffee, resulting in its flowering three to four times a year, due to its diverse biological eco system.

The aroma is a wondrous mix of sweet berries and buttery nuts. This cup is medium bodied with a smooth finish.  Baker’s chocolate, candied sweetness, bright acidity, berries and orange

About the growers

*Terruno Nayrita coffee (meaning, *from my land) coffee is from 100% traceable. Gathered around an extinct volcano, Cerro San Juan, a committed group of 260 cooperative coffee farmers are working together to produce what may be the best coffee in Mexico.   

Tasting notes

  • Beautifully aromatic coffee with a smooth and velvet body accented with chocolate orange and citrus notes on the palate.
  • Ideal for drinking all day!

Grind type

Select the grind type to fit your way of making coffee. To learn more about the different processes visit our Brew Guides.