Sumatra Lintong Grade 1
Sumatra Lintong Grade 1 Sumatra Lintong G1 Sumatra Lintong Grade 1 Sumatra Lintong Grade 1 Sumatra Lintong Grade 1 Sumatra Lintong Grade 1 Sumatra Lintong Grade 1

About the coffee

The largest of Indonesia’s huge archipalego island, is Sumatra. Indonesia is the second largest ‘Robusta’ producer in the world, after Vietnam, but also produces a small but important amount of Arabica, concentrated in Sumatra and Java.

Sumatra coffees are famous for their peculiar flavour profile, low acidity, thick body and rustic flavours that can often be described as earthy. 

About the growers

Lintong Tornauli is a premium Arabica coffee produced and exported by CV Utama Sejahtera Agro (Utamagro) Coffee in Medan, in northern Sumatra.

Red cherry and parchment are sourced exclusively from a group of approximately 500 farmers, who farm 500 hectares of Arabica. The land is in Aek Nauli, a coffee-producing area in the Lintong Nihuta district.

The cherries are carefully sorted and processed at a mill in Tor Nauli. The mill also has a drying facility that can accommodate 20 tons of beans for sun drying.

In Medan, Utamagro has a huller, de-stoner, gravity table, colour sorter and unit grader.

This coffee was processed in the wet-hulled style that is traditional in Indonesia.

We're very pleased with the quality of this single-origin Lintong, which cups beautifully and is an eye-catching turquoise green. This style of coffee can be difficult to find in the United States, due to its intense popularity in Japan.

This coffee is grown without shade but without any chemicals of any kind, almost entirely by small holders.  Sumatra has a main crop and a fly crop.



Region:  Medan

Growing Altitude: 1400-1500 masl

Arabica Variety: Onan ganjang, Lasuna, Ateng

Harvest Period: Nov–February; March–July

Milling Process:  Wet hulled; dried on patios

Aroma: Dark Chocolate

Flavour: Dark chocolate, toffee, grapefruit

Body: Smooth

Acidity: Soft

Cupping Score: 84

 Tasting notes

  • Dark chocolate, toffee, grapefruit; savoury and bright.
  • Full bodied earthy undertones with notes of cedar wood and spice

Grind type

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