Colombia Supremo Noble Oro De Suarez
Colombia Supremo Noble Oro De Suarez Breakfast Blend Colombia Supremo Noble (Oro De Suarez)

About the coffee

Colombia is a country at the Northern tip of South America and is the second largest Arabica coffee producing Country in the world after Brazil.   The West and North harvest times are October/November with the Southern Region producing its main crop April to June. Supremo beans are slightly large than Excelso beans and is the highest possible quality varietal.

About the growers

The Colombia Federation of Coffee Growers ranks among the world’s most thorough-going and successful efforts at organising and supporting small-holder coffee farmers.

Tasting notes

  • A flavourful, medium-bodied coffee with a sweet, nut-like aroma and a smooth taste that is easy to enjoy every morning. 
  • Medium bright acidity and body
  • fruit notes, chocolate, medium body, clean finish, caramel notes, nice and smooth after taste

A great coffee to start with, if you are new to buying freshly roasted coffees!

Grind type

Select the grind type to fit your way of making coffee. To learn more about the different processes visit our Brew Guides.