Colombia Caturra de Altura
Colombia Caturra de Altura Colombia Caturra de Altura

About the coffee

This coffee varietal was developed by the Alcides Carvalho Coffee Center (Centro de Cafe) of the IAC, Instituto Agronomico of the Sao Paulo State in Brazil. Caturra is a modern natural hybrid of its counterpart the Bourbon Arabica and is becoming increasingly popular with farmers. Caturra has a greater crop yield and is less susceptible to disease than classic Arabicas. In Colombia, Red Caturra represents about 70% of the occupied area with coffee, and in Costa Rica, more than 80%.

About the growers

This varietal Arabica coffee originates just outside the town of Caturra. Based on its' productivity and compact size, this was an was an easy option for the Farmers to plant.

Tasting notes

  • This Arabica coffee has a bright acidity compared it to its original Bourbon 

Grind type

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