Since Coffeelink was born, our passion and mission has been very simple!

To share the joy of trying as many different origin coffees as possible. To learn about our customer's coffee palate on what ‘really’ good quality coffee should ‘truly’ taste like! We want everyone to be able to enjoy our coffee, whether it is for home, office or trade use!

Behind the scenes...

Patricia, Maria and Jo, are all located in our new offices in Knightsdale Road,  heading up all communications coming in and out of the company.

Christy is our Area Manager and looks after the day to day running of  all our retail outlets.


Rebecca & Azzouz

Azzouz & Rebecca, head the Coffeelink team

It all started with a dream and a smile. Azzouz & Rebecca met on a sunny day in London over a cup of coffee back in 2003 and created Coffeelink then and there. Now with over 100 colleagues and thousands of customers contributing to Coffeelink in various ways, it is a great blend of people and coffees.

Coffeelink was officially born on the 25th of August 2005. It was a journey similar to the journey of coffee stretching all the way to Africa, just in Azzouz's case Morocco instead of Ethiopia.

Azzouz & Rebecca continue to dream what Coffeelink could be in the future. Taking pride in being ethical and environmentally conscious and will carry on working hard to build Coffeelink into a more beautiful company.

Joao & Glenn

Joao our hard working and very busy Barista, manages our little red fire engine! Why not go and meet Joao and grab one of his amazing coffees! He can be found at Ipswich market on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays (when he is not attending a busy events schedule).

Glenn was the pioneer behind this little fire engine.

Nigel, our very much valued delivery man and maintenance man!

Coffeelink Team

Thumbs up

Glenn, Hakim, & Joao

Hakim, our Master Roaster who enjoys roasting our single origin coffees to a very high quality standard! We have learned not to bother him when he has his ear phones in and is concentrating on listening to that all important ‘coffee crackle’! Hakim takes great pride in being at the heart of the business whilst roasting some amazing coffee beans!


For anything to do with coffee - or free technical advice - just pick our brains. We can talk coffee all day long ;)

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