Zege Forest Coffee-A Sacred Tradition

Our coffee of the month is Zege, which you might be familiar with as we have talked about it numerous times in the past. We are very fond of it as Coffeelink's director, Azzouz, personally went there on the Zege Peninsula in Ethiopia and met the farmers who put their heart and soul into creating the perfect cup of coffee. They see coffee as sacred, and even have a ritual they practice before drinking it, which only adds to its authenticity. 

The name of the coffee comes from its place of origin, which is the Zege Peninsula, located in the South of Lake Tana. The place has a history of cultivating forest coffee, which throughout the years was kept, but because of various events, from political to change of climate, they are only growing it now on the peninsula. The locals feel that the coffee protects the forest while the forest protects the coffee, and this is one of the reasons they see coffee as being sacred.

Did we mention that this delight is exclusively available to Coffeelink in the UK? If you'd like to be part of this story while also helping a charity that aims to help women and children in Ethiopia, this is most definitely the coffee for you :). Fruits and spice are the main tasting notes, which makes it an excellent choice for when you are craving an afternoon treat.


We recommend this coffee to be brewed for cafetiere or filter, as this way you will be able to enjoy the taste better than you would using other brewing methods. 

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