There Is Nothing Like The Gift Of Coffee On Friendship Day

With International Friendship Day approaching, we created offers for our bundles so that you can find the perfect gift for your coffee addict friends. If you want to introduce them to a new brewing method it can be a bit overwhelming, so we are here to help!

V60-Easy to learn method that allows for maximum taste. The shape of the dripper creates a water flow that helps the ground coffee mix with the water a bit better. It captures the oils, which creates a cup of coffee that is easier to drink and for all tastes, as opposed to the cafetiere for example.

Bodum Travel Press- Essentially a cafetiere-on-the-go. Great for people who like making their own coffee just how they like it instead of stopping to grab a cup on the way to work. As explained above, it creates a cup opposite to the V60's. The oils stay in the coffee, and some granules make their way into the cup and that give it an extra kick of caffeine. This is certainly a gift for people who love that rush of energy and a stronger taste.

Aeropress Coffee Maker-It creates a clean taste, quite similar to a V60. However, it is different in many ways. The reason why people choose it is because it allows you to create a customized cup of coffee. Based on how much coffee you use versus water ratio, it can even create an espresso-like cup. The only con is it crates one cup only, which is more time-consuming when making several cups.

Moka Pot-This method is very popular and many people resemble the coffee to an espresso. The way to prepare it is by dismantling it and then add coffee in the basket inside then add water in the lower chamber. Then put them back together and on the hob. The pressure will make the coffee boil and move into the upper chamber. It creates a strong, thick coffee. 

Bodum Pour Over-Very aesthetically pleasing and one of our best sellers. It is a rather quick brewing method for people who are in a rush in the morning. This requires coffee of a filter grind, however mixes the taste of French press and V60 as some of the particles do make their way into the cup, but certainly not like it would in a cafetiere. Another advantage is the permanent filter that is cost-effective in the long-run. 

If your friend already has a favourite brewing method, then you can always choose our premium gift set or the decaf one, based on preference.

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