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The story of Ambush
Our Ambush coffee has a very personal story behind it. Coffeelink director, Azzouz, was in Ethiopia meeting our growers when he was caught in an ambush. The phrase "When you escape an ambush with a shot fired two meters away from you, every sip of coffee becomes a ritual of gratitude" is now synonymous with our Ambush coffee - you really do appreciate every sip.
Ambush is special in other ways too; is has an impressive 89 cupping score, which it truly deserves. Its flavour is fruity and floral, with a wonderful juicy acidity that leaves the perfect taste in your mouth.   
It comes from forest grown farms, tucked away on mountains 1900-2300 meters above sea level, with hardly any human interference. When you need to dig deep and just need a little more energy - when you feel lucky to be alive and just want to celebrate, this coffee will delight you!

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