Tea and Coffee. Together or Separately?

Most of our blogs focus on coffee and sometimes we write one about tea, which is another very popular beverage that we sell. Usually people enjoy both, or choose their favourite and stick to it for either hot or cold beverages. Today we thought we would introduce a controversial idea of mixing them into the perfect beverage.

This beverage is called Yuenyeung in Hong Kong, Kopi Cham in Singapore and Squeeze in Ethiopia. People either brew the tea and add a shot of espresso and milk, or they brew the black tea stronger, mix it with coffee and condensed milk. Each country came up with their own way of preparing the beverage to enjoy it either hot or cold.

Luckily for you, we have a variety of single origins for coffee and we sell English Breakfast Tea too. If you want to brew them like any of the countries mentioned earlier, you can go for one of our Indonesian coffees or one of our many Ethiopian.

In order to prepare the beverage cold you could boil 3 grams of English Breakfast Tea in 5 ounces of water, so in result you end up with about 4 oz. Sweeten it with the sweetener of choice and add cinnamon/ginger/star anise or any condiments that you like for the extra kick of flavour, however be aware that the tea will be flavorsome as it is brewed at a higher ratio than normal. When you are ready you can pour it over a handful of ice cubes and add a shot of espresso (or coffee prepared in any brewing method, but we recommend that you make it stronger so it doesn't dilute too much), then add milk of choice (or even condensed if you'd like trying the Hong Kong style).

In order to prepare the hot drink you can choose the same recipe but add frothed milk and alternatively sprinkle cinnamon/chocolate powder on top for that extra flavour. This drink sounds like the right kick of caffeine we all need in the morning, as it it contains more caffeine than a regular coffee/tea that we normally have.

If you are looking for the products you need in order to try this out, you can find frothers, tea, coffee and tea strainers on our website. If you don't want English Breakfast, this mix would work really well with Duchess Earl Grey Tea as it has those bergamot and citrussy notes that would surely blend in nicely with a strong shot of coffee.

If you like your beverages sweet, check out our coffee syrups and pour a shot in instead of sweetening your tea (P.S. we also have sugar free syrups for a less guilty treat).

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