The Moka Pot

Another wonderful product, the Moka Pot (also known as Macchinetta, meaning ‘small machine’)! The bottom chamber holds the water, the centre basket contains the coffee grounds, and the upper chamber will store the final coffee. As it heats up, pressure is built up to push the steam through the grounds and up through the tube into the final chamber, resembling an espresso. The Moka Pot is a widely used and
respected method across the globe that boasts a full body and strong brew.

Tips for that perfect Moka pot brewing result

  1. Fill the basket to the line
  2. Grind: Filter
  3. Filter: Metal Basket
  4. Fill the filter basket evenly and don’t pack the grounds down
  5. Fill the bottom water chamber up to, but not exceeding the pressure valve
  6. Assemble the entire pot and make sure it is screwed together properly
  7. Place on a heat source at medium heat and let sit
  8. Leave the lid up so you can see what’s happening
  9. Once you see the coffee initially make its way to the upper chamber, turn the heat down to about half of the original temperature
  10. Remove the pot from your heat source when the coffee reaches the bottom of the spout, or all the water is spent. This should take between 4 and 5 minutes
  11. Pour and enjoy

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richard martin

richard martin

juillet 05, 2018

Hi. I’m looking for a bean that is very dark road, nutty / chocolate taste. I get the impression from coffee and chocolate that South American tends to be more citrusy, which I like, than African. Is this the same with coffee? What would you recommend for a really dark intense coffee?


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