Yemen Haraaz Red AA+

Full Description

Coffee Profile

Origin Yemen
Region Haraaz
Farmer Al Emadi Trading
Variety Arabica
Process Sundried
Roast Medium
Altitude 2,000-2,500 masl
Aroma Dry intense fragrance with sugar sweetness
Flavour Rich and intense lingering mouthful
Body Full with high viscosity
Acidity Nicely balanced
Cupping Score 86

About the coffee

Coffee is produced in the Haraaz Mountains with ancient methods, resulting in natural, dry processed coffee. Steep, rocky terraces were carved in the rugged mountains centuries ago, so it could be farmed. While not certified as organic, Haraaz coffee uses no synthetic fertilizers nor pesticides, and all crops are rain fed. With almost no access to commercially available farming supplies, the coffee is grown in a natural environment, free of pollution. The growing methods have not changed for centuries.

Cherries, picked by hand are placed on straw mats and laid on village rooftops, to dry in the sun. The farmers take a lot of care to protect their coffee from contamination, mold and other negative conditions during the two week long drying period. Once dry, beans are collected by the exporter in all the villages throughout this mountainous region, and transported to a collection centre in the village of Haraaz. Finally, it is conveyed to processing facility by Al Emadi Trading for milling, bagging and export to Coffeelink to satisfy the quality and taste requirements of our discerning  buyers.

Yemen was the first county to cultivate coffee. The legendary Omar and Kaldi described the power of Yemen coffee as life affirming. Mocha itself is shrouded in myth and has become synonymous with coffee. All Yemen coffees are naturals meaning the coffee is dried in its husk without fermentation, then milled. While not certified as organic, Yemen coffee is grown as it has been for hundreds of years, without man-made fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. Yemen produces truly world class coffee.