The best organic coffees, our favourite with the One-to-One Project is El Romerrillo 



Peru is the third largest country in South America. It is steeped in a rich pre-colonial history of the Inca civilisation and a turbulent recent past defined by hard-line left-wing guerrilla groups and autocratic leaders. Over the past few years, Peru has begun to shed this troubled reputation and is generally much more peaceful. It’s landmass offers a stunning variety of Andean mountains, Amazon basin jungle, desert and Pacific coastline.


Peru grows a sizeable volume of coffee (about 4 million bags annually) although traditionally it has been sold as a cheap arabica. Most of the coffee is washed arabica although there is some production of naturals. Growing areas are located in the Andean range that cuts down through the centre of the country from heights of about 800m to 2,000m above sea level. Peru is one of the largest growers of organic coffee. There is one harvest which begins in June running through to October.

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