Behind every good coffee is an even better barista!

Barista Training Academy

You know we mentioned we had been there and done that. It's the same with making a perfect cup of coffee.

Coffee brewing is an art.. and a science and you need good craftsmen to master every step.

Good quality beans are of course fundamental, but getting the absolute best from them is down to the barista. First that the grind is correct, then tamping with feeling and an extraction flow like honey from a spoon..... poetry as well as art!

An eye for detail when looking at all aspects of the crafting of the drink is imperative as any variable can effect the end product.  And, from this espresso base numerous drinks both hot and cold can be concocted and served to perfection.

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This is where we come in.  Do you need to train your team or send each new staff member on a course? We offer a variety of training options from the best... to create your best.

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