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Why is Ethiopia so fascinating as a Coffee Origin?

There are 30,000 apple varieties found all over the world, only around 30 are currently cultivated and traded. I often compare coffee and apples because of the similarities in taste, sugar and acidity content. Ethiopian Heirloom is a generic name given to a large variety of Ethiopian coffees. Why is this? It is estimated that there are somewhere in-between 6,000 and 10,000 coffee varietals in Ethiopia. This large number confirms that there hasn’t been the genetic testing necessary to allow buyers to distinguish the different varietals. With the cross pollination that naturally happens in the wild, the name ‘Ethiopian Heirloom’ exists as a general phrase to describe a gig number of varietals. This really makes Ethiopian quite a mystery origin. It is an interesting mystery because it allows every village or town to potentially have a different varietal which could carry very unique properties. We found this gem of a coffee with thousands of years of heritage and we named it after the forest it grows in. Zege Forest is a true haven for biodiversity and we want to help keep it as a forest for ever.




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