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The Art of Roasting Coffee

Here at Coffeelink HQ we roast all of our coffees for our online orders and our shops and cafes. 

Roasting coffee is a passion of Coffeelink Director, Azzouz, and together with his brother Hakim they personally roast every batch of coffee here at Coffeelink. 

We have two roasters at the roastery, and a mini roaster in our coffee tasting and training room. As you can probably imagine, the smell of the headoffice when roasting is happening is absolutely divine!

But what makes a good roast? A lot of things come into play, temperature, the bean, time of roasting all need to be considered. This is why all roasting is done under a very skilled and watchful eye to ensure that all of our beans are roasted to perfection.

We generally roast our beans as a medium roast to preserve the natural sugars of the beans, we do however also have a light roast and dark roast blend of the month. We also offer our Espresso blend as a dark roast too (we might be a bit biased here but we think it is delicious!)

Do you roast your beans at home? What is your routine?

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