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Relax with some Spiced Chai this Christmas

Some of you may have noticed some exciting things over on our social media channels.

A little while ago we made out first post on our TEALINK Instagram page. Tealink has been brewing within the Coffeelink  head quarters for quite some time, and we are thrilled to say that we are finally ready to share our beautiful blends with you all.

We start today with our delicious Spiced Chai tea, a favourite blend for tea lovers, we have taken this classic and made it our own. Black tea leaves, cinnamon, cloves and cardamom, this blend is perfect to warm you up on a winters day.

Legend has it that the origin of Chai dates back more than 5,000 years and is traditionally made from black tea in the Assam region of India. 

Over time chai has been used not only for tea, but for coffee, baking, chocolate and many more things that we have grown to love. Our blend has a distinctive spiced taste with wonderful lingering notes of cardamom and cloves. 

Our teas will be live on our website soon, keep an eye out for our announcements so you can taste this delightful blend for yourself.

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