Ice Tea History

For a while we have been talking about coffee, but this week we thought it's worth talking about our other great product: tea. We know it's been hot and the last thing we want right now is a hot drink, but the great part is you can turn your favourite tea in a refreshing ice tea.

Ice tea was invented by Americans over 200 years ago, before their war for independence. Due to high import taxes, Americans started infusing their own herbs and fruits and to drink them hot.

Years later on a hot day Richard Blechynden, a tea farmer and vendor was advertising his product by offering free samples that no one was interested in because of the weather. He took the hot tea and poured it over ice and in that moment ice tea became a sensation in America and later on in the whole world. 

With the variety that we have today, it is easy to turn our favourite brew in a refreshing drink during the summer. We suggest the following recipe for 750 ml of ice tea:

Take 6-7 grams of your favourite Tea Link tea. Boil them in a pan or infuse them in a tea pot. Let it cool down for 10-15 minutes, then pour over ice. If you like it sweetened, we recommend adding sugar/honey/sweetener before cooling it off for a better taste.

Alternatively, you can add all of these in a shaker for a faster result. Feel free to add fruits for a fresher taste, however our teas are plenty flavorsome on their own! :)

Feel free to browse our website to find your favourite tea, or even tea pot if you need it for this recipe!

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