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Coffee Spotlight - Zege

This week on the blog we wanted to shine the spotlight on one of our most popular coffees - Zege Forest.

Originating in Ethiopia, in the region of Lake Tana, at an altitude of 1,700-1,850 masl, this delightful coffee is a strong reflection of the hard working farmers who harvest it.

Every cup carries a stunning and well-balanced aroma and has flavours of soft fruit, spice and citrus.

Here at the roastery it is a favourite of Carl who works in our dispatch team. Before he joined the Coffeelink family he had seen our Zege design on our Coffeelink take-away cups, the distinct design which also features on our fully-compostable bags was created by our director, Azzouz.

When Carl came to Coffeelink he tried his first espresso of Zege, he said from that he fell in love with the distinct flavours and it is now his firm favourite.

"I love the smell, citrus notes, it is lively, so different from the other coffees. The taste is light, with a wonderful acidity and a lingering citrus taste. I love it."

Of course you don't just have to take Carl's word for it! Zege is one of our most popular coffees, and one we are extremely proud of. Have you tried it yet?



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