The Chemex

The Chemex is definitely one of the most visually appealing brewing methods with the dominant model made primarily of glass, which is with a wooden grip around the neck. The Chemex filters are the true magic behind this glass product. The thick but sturdy pieces of paper will stick tightly to the Chemex cone wall, forcing a longer extraction and more balanced cup. You can consistently expect a bright, rich cup with no sediment at all!

Tips for that perfect Chemex Coffee brewing result:

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  1. Using good quality boiling water, along with 32 grams of freshly ground coffee, pour the hot water around the paper filter to eliminate the paper taste and to pre-heat the Chemex, then throw the water out - you only want brewed coffee in your final drink.
  2. Pour just enough water to saturate the grounds evenly and rest for 30 seconds or however long it takes for the bloom to discontinue.
  3. Pour the remaining water continuously and evenly onto the grounds and in a circular fashion, moving inward and outward within the circle to push the grounds toward the walls. The coffee level should rise just above the grounds.
  4. TIP! Try to maintain a constant volume of water throughout the entire process, without pouring any water directly on to the filter!
  5. After the coffee has drained into the Chemex, between the 3:00 and 3:30 mark, you should be able to see consistent walls of grounds with an even bed toward the bottom of the filter. Trash the filter grounds and then pour and savour the resulting taste!

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