Tanzanian Blue Mountain

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Origin Tanzania
Region Mbeya
Variety Bourbon, Typica
Process Washed
Roast Medium
Altitude 1,800 masl
Aroma Butterscotch sweet
Flavour Kiwi, chocolate and blackberry
Body Light with a smooth aftertaste
Acidity Bright, zesty and citric
Cupping Score 81.5


Cherries are picked ripe with repeated sweeps of the same plot occurring every couple of weeks or so. If not taken to a local collection processing center, known as a CPU,  beans are pulped and fermented at home to prevent spoilage before being taken by the cooperative as cherry. Here it is processed and collated before being transported in parchment and offered for sale through the Tanzanian Coffee Board, which distributes samples to exporting companies and auctions the lots. Once bought, the coffee is further ‘milled’ by Mambo’s facility in Morogoro which means any defects are removed, the beans are laser colour sorted, hand-picked if needed and then bagged.

Bourbon was introduced by the French Missionaries and is common in the Kilimanjaro area, alongside Kent which was introduced from India. Kent is notable for being the first varietal selected for its rust resistance. 

Mringa Estate is located in the North section of Tanzania, not far from Mount Kilimanjaro, which is the highest peak in Tanzania. The area was founded in 1867 and has been producing quality beans ever since.  The lower slopes of the mountain, provide fertile soil, with the climate providing excellent conditions for the coffee trees to grow. Very similar to Kenyan coffee but finishing on a much lighter acidity.

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