Zege Wild Forest (Hand Picked)

Full Description

Coffee Profile

Origin Ethiopia
Region Lake Tana
Farmer Menelik Alemu Muluken
Variety Arabica
Process Natural
Roast Medium-light
Altitude 1,700-1,850 masl
Aroma Stunning and well balanced
Flavour Soft fruit and spice
Body Full
Acidity Clean and transparent
Cupping Score 89


This coffee is just incredible and comes from the Zege Peninsula of Ethiopia. We have been on a very exciting journey to bring this to the UK and we are absolutely delighted it is finally here!  Working in conjunction with our friends Partners for Change in Ethiopia, this is a fantastic charity on a mission to help women and children. Exclusive to Coffeelink in the UK.

Around Lake Tana in Zege, coffee has been growing from time immemorial. It is prohibited to plough or cultivate the land in order to protect the forest. Originally, the coffee of the lake area was forest grown coffee, but due to the felling of the recent decades, this historic coffee has almost disappeared around Lake Tana. The only exception is the Zege peninsula. Here, we find the biggest coherent woodland on Lake Tana. A great example of biodiversity and preservation where “sacred” coffee protects the forest and the forest protects the “sacred” coffee. On Zege, coffee is truly a special commodity. Traditionally, the natives and the friars of the convents cultivate the coffee for their own consumption and the local market with much anticipation. Virtually everything is being collected and used. Was it the far-sighted environmental awareness and wisdom of the leaders or a divine message to Abune Betre Maryam that is keeping the forest alive? The coffee is cultivated in 1,850 metres above m.s.l., Taste: Full bodied, Well-balanced and round, with smooth, and soft spicy

Bold Taste:

Zege coffee has a light zesty acidity, smooth body, with a soft spice fruity, bold aftertaste. The unique taste profile of the coffee differentiates the product from those available on the market, offering consumers a coffee with zest and character, which is deeply satisfying and enjoyable.  I would strongly recommend that this coffee is served as a long drink, via a dripper, cafetiere, or filter, rather than an espresso.