Burundi Sivca Ngozi

Full Description

Coffee Profile

Origin  East Africa
Region Burundi
Farmer Kirobu Washing Station
Variety Arabica
Process Washed
Roast Medium
Altitude 1,800 masl
Aroma Beautiful sweet aroma
Flavour Peach, milk chocolate, dry spiciness and sweetness on the palate
Body Medium, smooth
Acidity Subtle
Cupping Score 85


About the coffee

Situated in East Africa, Burundi Sivca Ngozi uses the dry method to cultivate the coffee, which involves the entire coffee cherry being left to dry in the sun, producing a completely different flavour and what is known as unwashed         or natural coffee. Beans sourced in Burundi are well know for their floral notes.

Rated high on the SCAA scale of 100 this Burundi bean comes in at 84-86.  Burundi coffee bears a striking resemblance to that of neighbouring Rwanda

About the growers

The East African bean basket includes seven of the world's most successful coffee growing countries, being: 

Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Malawi and Burundi.

Despite the basket being located in just one corner of the world, significant variations can be seen with regard to its coffee, such as at what altitudes it is grown, how it is harvested and processed and the different tastes that come through when the beans are brewed.

With the wet method and dry methods are used in Burundi. With the wet technique, this involves the fruit covering the bean being removed, before it is cleaned with water, resulting in what is known as washed coffee. Both the dry and wet method are used in the processing of beans sourced from Ethiopia and Burundi, creating variations in taste, acidity and cupping profile. The dry process involves the whole coffee cherry being allowed to dry in the sun, which creates the type of bean referred to as unwashed or natural coffee.