Delicious flavours, strengths and hints to suite any palette and time of day.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

(Light & Floral)
There are jasmine and honey aromatics, vivid citrus notes, dashes of cardamom and nutmeg spice, and a remarkable clarity and resolution of these flavours in the aftertaste. It's not for those unsure about bright, dynamic acidity in coffee. But if you like great Kenya's, and the punctuated and piquant highest-grown centrals then you might have the palate for this Yirgacheffe.

Costa Rica Tarrazu

(Floral Elements)
A classic cup and traditional balanced taste. Bright, citrus with berry like flavours, ending in chocolatey spicy notes.

Tanzania Blue Mountain

(Butterscotch Sweet)
The perfect after dinner coffee, with hints of pear and a light zesty acidity. The finish ends on an interesting marriage of dark berries, with notes of a dark velvety chocolate on the palate.

Colombia Oro de Suarez

(Rich & Fruity)
A flavoursome medium bodied coffee with a sweet, nut like aroma. Medium body with bright acidity, chocolate, caramel and fruity notes with a smooth after taste.

Swiss Water Decaf

(Lively & Dynamic)
Swiss Water processed, providing a full flavoured coffee without the caffeine!