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Our Roastery

We opened our Roastery on Knightsdale Road in Ipswich, Suffolk, in 2016 and it is here that we roast all of our coffee and prepare orders. 

Our roastery team receive your orders in the morning and then work on getting them ready to be dispatched, that includes making sure that your grind is perfect and the beans are freshly roasted.

We also have 120 solar panels on the roof here as we try to do our bit for the environment. 

We are so incredibly proud of our roastery, so much so that we now welcome people in for tours!

Azzouz, the director of Coffeelink, leads every tour, and loves sharing his knowledge and passion for coffee. Part of the tour includes a wonderful tasting session of some of our coffees (also known as 'cupping') We find that each coffee bean has a story to tell, and Azzouz will show you how to get the most perfect taste out of them to really appreciate everything that they have to tell you.

If you are interested in a tour or any other aspect of our roastery then please give us a call or drop us an email. We are always happy to help and would love to welcome you for a tour.

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