Have you tried roasting at home?

Many of us have a busy lifestyle in which coffee plays a big part in fuelling our days. Either you make one at home, or grab one on your way to work; regardless, the kick of caffeine and the amazing taste is what keeps us coming back from more. 

When you choose to make your fresh coffee at home after you have found your preferred brewing method, you join millions of people in making coffee a ritual. While it is economical in the long-run it also gives you the flexibility to prepare it for your liking. 

Now in this case you either buy the roasted beans and grind it yourself or buy the coffee already ground however there is another option that tends to be popular and even more economical: roasting green beans at home.

After experimenting various origins or blends you know what flavours you like and what to expect when you prepare your coffee. With green beans, you can choose the roast you like too, be it lighter, medium or dark and play with the varieties until you found the right match for you.

If you decide to start roasting your coffee at home, you can do it in the oven, in a skillet or even a popcorn machine. It is important that you have windows open and you turn on the extractor to allow the smoke to exit the room successfully. Extreme caution should be maintained while roasting for the first few times.

The beans have to be stirred for an even roast and roasted for 10-20 minutes depending on the beans and roast that you like.

There are three stages in the roasting process: the drying, yellowing and browning. Throughout these three, the beans dry, lose the water and start gaining their tasting notes and acidity. After the browning stage you will hear the first crack, and you should leave it a few more minutes for a light, light-medium or medium roast. For a dark roast you will need to hear the second crack.

The roasted beans need to be removed from the oven/pan/popcorn machine or roaster and left to cool down. When they are cooled down and reached room temperature place them in a sealed container. 

For optimum quality and minimum risk, leave the beans for 3 days before using them. Different coffee origins come with different properties, so maybe it is worth doing a little research about the coffee of choice and the appropriate time to keep it stored and fresh. You can always get in touch for more information or maybe even visit us at the roastery.

One of the most important things when roasting is to do it in smaller batches to avoid uneven roasts or overloading your roasting equipment, but most importantly to have fun!

We sell all of our coffees as green beans. If you ever need help choosing the perfect one for you, feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to help! :)



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