Christmas coffees

All of us like to get into the festive spirit and indulge in cosy hot drinks. Most of them have flavours that we define as festive, such as gingerbread, orange, cinnamon and so on. 

The thing is, methods of adding flavour to coffees have been around for thousands of years. It was customary for people in the Middle East to add pepper, cardamom, dried fruit and many other spices to their coffees to give it that extra kick. It is still a tradition in Arabic countries and Turkey to add cardamom in their traditionally brewed coffee.

Italians also like to flavour their coffee with cocoa powder and an occasional shot of liquor. Due to the high number if Italian immigrants in America, the coffee-flavouring tradition was adopted there as well, however they stepped-up the game and created the syrups we all know and love. Th flavours created were based on the demand at the time at the beginning of the 1900's, such as lemon, anisette and the very popular grenadine. It was actually a best-seller until the beginning of 1990.

Other coffee chains have continued the trend and added their own input. Gloria Jean's Coffee mixed the freshly roasted beans with the syrup for example and it became very popular among their customers.

The trend continued to grow and more flavours were created that would go nicely in coffee. The words spread back to Europe, and this is how Monin became a household name creating the staple syrups for coffee: vanilla, caramel and hazelnut.

We created our own Christmassy coffees that have warm, subtle notes: Christmas Blend, Winter Spice and Festive Decaf. They are certainly worth a try if you have not had them yet.

Alternatively, if you have a sweet tooth, we have many Monin syrups to choose from and our mocha bundles that come with festive recipes.

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