Characteristics of Forest Coffee

The tradition of coffee-drinking started in Ethiopia with coffee plants grown in the shade, in a humid environment. Because more and more people started drinking coffee, in the 70's farmers had to change their methods, which ultimately led to mass-production. They would plant the trees and grow them differently, in another environment that didn't require shade, nor humid weather. However, for that to be possible, fertilizers and pesticides had to be used.

We choose our coffees based on the environment they grow in, and the altitude. If the altitude is high, there isn't much need of human interference, which guarantees a more natural cup as well.

With the forest coffees, we know we are aiming for old-school coffee farming processes that treat the coffee cherries well. Our forest coffees come from Ethiopia, which is believed to be the origin place of arabica coffee genetics. With that being said, these are sought-after coffee beans that make for the perfect cup of coffee that can be enjoyed by everyone. The forest coffees we have complex tasting profiles and vary as well. We have coffees with chocolate and berry taste and some that are a mix of fruit and spice. 

We have added the beans in our espresso blends as well, as the Ethiopian coffees make for a great long brewed coffee such as filter, cafetiere and dripper and this way they can be enjoyed by all of our customers by using any brewing method.

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