Winter Spice
Winter Spice Winter Spice Winter Spice Winter Spice Winter Spice

Coffee Profile

Origin Coffee Belt
Region Ethiopia and Yemen
Farmer Cooperative
Variety Caturra, Typica, Bourbon and heirloom
Process Natural and anaerobic
Roast Medium-light
Altitude 1,700-2,500 masl
Aroma Earthy and fruity
Flavour Warm spices and winey aftertaste
Body Full bodied
Acidity Fruity acidity
Cupping Score 87


One of the greatest pleasures in life, especially for true coffee lovers, is the ability to try different coffees and learn about the cultures they come from. Every culture has some sort of ritual or tradition on how to best show hospitality. In many cultures, drinking coffee is a first step. A welcome that tells so much about the history and evolution of the host . In many countries spiced coffee is a must.

This season we decided to try a new blend, something we take very seriously because we love featuring single origins and highlighting their individuality and taste profiles.

Winter Spice coffee is characterised by its detailed preparation and blending of beautiful and warming spices like Cinnamon & Cardamom. You do need to start with amazing origin coffee with special preparation like Honey process or Anaerobic processed coffee.

Freshly ground Cinnamon and Cardamom is also a must for a truly authentic experience. We do all this and more for you, all you have to do is enjoy and bring home the warm and spice aromas for a cosy and amazing festive season.




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