How about a cup of Colombian happiness?

Colombia became a coffee-producing country somewhere at the beginning of the 1700's. It went through periods of decline and growth due to the everchanging prices of exporting, however the farmers created a system to penetrate the supply-chain and became one of the biggest exporters of coffee beans in the world.

All of us coffee-lovers know of Colombian coffee and probably had it at least once, and that's for a good reason since it accounts for 12% of the world's coffee supply. Another reason for its popularity is its caramely, chocolatey and smooth taste that goes well in hot drinks as a single-origin or to be added in a blend.

The position of Colombia on the map and having a mixture of climates, along with mountains and hills, create a unique environment for the coffee beans to grow. The wet climate is one of the reasons the Colombian beans have a distinct taste and acidity.

Coffee is a very important socio-economical factor in Colombia. Growing coffee and exporting represent a very important part in the country's economy and offers job security to many farmers. On the social part, drinking coffee is engraved in Colombian's culture. They often like to meet up with their loved and spend hours together, drinking and savouring coffee without being in a rush, almost like a ritual of happiness; they are said to be among the happiest countries in the world, after all.

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