The Dripper

The Hario V60 Dripper is such a wonderful little piece of kit and we have a real soft spot for it! Invented ten years ago and named after the 60 degree angles design, it is a cone-shaped dripper with spiralled ridges along the inside walls. These ridges allow the air to escape, encouraging a smooth extraction at the bottom of the cone. The act of brewing coffee with a V60 requires some practice and isn’t as forgiving as some other brew methods, but it is very rewarding, leaving you with that wonderful feeling of ‘self-brewed’ satisfaction! Available in ceramic, plastic and copper! (The ultimate to aid a high thermal conductivity and better heat retention, thereby better extraction and brew!

The multi award winning V60 dripper is available in two different sizes, and should be used with its’ matching filters (bleached or un-bleached.

Tips for that perfect V60 dripper brewing result

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  1. Use high quality water boiled to between 90-96 degrees
  2. Fold the filter along the seams
  3. We recommend using two full scoops of freshly ground coffee if you like a stronger taster
  4. Do pour double the amount of water into the dripper in an ‘anti-clockwise’ direction, to give better turbulence in the grind
  5. TIP!Why not treat yourself to the Hario Gooseneck kettle to get really great results, as it aids the brewing process by being able to pour in smaller circles!
  6. TIP! If using the ceramic V60, it may be favourable to rinse this through with boiling water to aid retention of heat, when you come to brew!

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