Premium Espresso Blend

Full Description

Coffee Profile

Origin South and Central America, Africa and Asia 
Growing Altitude 1,300-2,300 masl
Variety Caturra, Typica, Bourbon, Heirloom Varieties
Process Natural and Washed
Aroma Chocolate with soft spice notes
Flavour Smooth with a hint of chocolate
Body Full
Acidity Light and Fruity


Our Premium Espresso Blend

5 specialty grade coffees from Ethiopia, Colombia, Peru, Honduras and El Salvador.

The number of coffees used in an espresso blend will vary according to seasonal availability. We can use up to 5 single origins, including at least one from Ethiopia. 

There’s no single best approach to blending and roasting coffee for espresso, as it will depend on which coffees you use, how much of them you use, and which profile you aim to achieve. Fine-tuning a signature espresso blend will involve some trial and error, but once you’ve set a recipe, you will soon be able to replicate it quickly and easily.

A light roast can highlight an espresso blend’s acidity and complexity. This may not be suitable for drinks containing milk, however, as the coffee’s more subtle qualities could disappear.

Coffees roasted for an espresso blend will also need a longer roast time. They’ll also need to develop for longer to make the blend’s extraction time shorter to create the necessary bitterness for a balanced flavour profile. Each roast should also be sampled and cupped to see if it matches the target flavour. If it doesn’t, the roasting process may need to change.