So, what sets the Iberital Expression Pro in a league of its' own?

So, what sets the Iberital Expression Pro in a league of its' own?

The concept of the NEW Iberital Expression Pro is all down to Andreu Carulla.

In 2006, after a few years working for different design companies and agencies, he decided to set up his own studio, in his home town, set in the heart of of the countryside and just an hour from Barcelona.  

With an award winning career and background in graphic design, home furnishings, jewellery, food, as well as industrial and technological design, Andreu's brand new studio has recently been awarded the Delta de Plato award by ADIFAD (Industrial Design Association, promoting the Arts and Design).  To then go on to be awarded the Red Dot award 2015 (Best of the Best award, one of the world's most prestigious design awards, his work has also been recognised by Wallpaper, Elle Decor and Interiores magazine.

Andreu's Vision for the Expression Pro:

Not only is the new Iberital Expression Pro aesthetically pleasing, consideration of how things have moved have moved on alot in the coffee world over the last few years were given a lot of thought. The results of a study of Barista's showed his main area of work is the tray and the first thing to do was make the tray bigger, so that it is now the main feature of the Expression Pro.  Knowing a great, well made cup of coffee is in the hands  of the Barista, this model was designed to be the barista's best friend!

High Performance engineering. The baristas art consists of meticulously reproducing the history of each coffee bean.  Achieving this requires an equally capable tool, a machine the maintains the optimal brewing parameters with each dispensation, especially during periods of high workload. The Expression Pro is designed for demanding commercial environments and for baristas to serve perfectly brewed coffee every time.

Here is a great example, comparing the Expression Two and the new Expression Pro:

So with all these amazing features for the ultimate coffee production, with programmes accessible from the it's touch screen, allowing the barista to control and automate the extraction parameters, criteria and objectives to suit.  Stock of coffee and machine maintenance via the intelligent control system that is supplied, internet-enabled too!
This machine is a real workhorse and perfect for every serious coffee machine business!
Available to buy outright of talk to us about finance options for this machine.

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